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Release (11/28/2012)

  • New Workflow feature.
  • Recurring billing option added to payment integration.
  • New rounded corners Look & Feel option.

New Workflow Feature

by Eric A. (11/28/2012)

Have you ever wanted to relate two or more forms together? With our new Workflow feature, you can!


In addition to simply tying two or more forms together, Workflows also allow you to implement very complex and powerful logic. With an optional Form Mapping, you can easily carry users' responses through multiple forms as well.

Some common examples of Workflows include asking for follow-up information, helping you collect packets of information from users registering for an event, handling requests and approvals, or classifying incoming leads and processing follow-ups, just to name a few.

We are labeling this new feature as "Beta" because we plan on adding many new features and capabilities. Looking forward, we are considering adding the ability for multiple people to collaborate on the same form and result as well as expanded approval/disapproval functionality. If you have any ideas for additional improvements or feedback on what you see so far, we would love to hear it!

For more information or help getting started, visit our Workflow Documentation. Integration with Recurring Billing (Subscriptions)

by Abhishek M. (11/28/2012)

We have enhanced our Payment Integration to support Automated Recurring Billing? (ARB), which is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for submitting and managing recurring, or subscription-based, transactions. To use this, navigate to the "Form->Payments" page, click on the "" tab, set the Payment Location setting to "On form" and check the"Enable Recurring Billing (subscriptions)" box. Then, specify the Recurring Subscription Schedule with the Time Between Billings (billing interval) and Number of Payments settings. The Recurring Amount and the One-time fee can be set to either the "Total from form" (ie. the order total) or a "Fixed Amount" (which you can then specify). The form's total amount must be used for either the recurring fee or the one-time fee, if not both. Integration with Automated Recurring Billing? (ARB)

In the example above, a subscription will be created such that a recurring payment, equal to order total from the form, will start on and would end on , after 24 successful payments.

New Rounded Corners Look & Feel Option

by Bill O. (11/28/2012)

We have a new Look & Feel option to set rounded corners for form fields. With the arrival of Internet Explorer 10 and the decrease in older versions of Internet Explorer, we can now begin to offer more advanced Look & Feel options.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners will work in any modern browser. IE8 and below cannot support rounded corners.

Enhanced Google Spreadsheets Integration

by Eric A. (10/22/2012)

Google Spreadsheets Updated

Our Google Spreadsheets Integration has been updated to provide extra convenience and security, courtesy of Google's newest OAuth 2.0 authentication. To take advantage of this, simply visit the "Form->Integrations->Google Spreadsheets" page, click "Get Token", and follow the prompts. After saving the new token, your integration will be updated automatically. As part of this update, we have also streamlined the integration process. The biggest change is that the integration will be performed only at the end of multi-page forms to alleviate lag between pages.

Release (8/2/2012)

  • New Home page form stats.
  • Edit choices without affecting results.
  • Restore recently deleted forms.

More Form Stats in Home page

by Udaya A. (8/2/2012)


You can now see the number of results that are submitted "today" for a form and also the form's last modified date. You can also sort the forms based on today's results or modified date.

New Choice Editor

by Bill O. (8/2/2012)

FormSite has a new choice editor for multiple choice items. Previously, choices were stored by position; adding or removing choices would cause data in stored results to shift, potentially causing inaccuracies. The new choice editor tracks choice changes and updates stored results accordingly.


When a new choice is added, stored results will remain undisturbed. When an existing choice is removed, it will be removed from stored results without affecting other choices. Additionally, an existing choice can be renamed, which will also rename it in stored results.

Restore Recently Deleted Forms

by Bill O. (8/2/2012)


Everyone makes mistakes. When you delete a form, you now have up to 7 days to restore it. On your account's Home page, below your form list, use the new "Show Deleted Forms" option to show and restore any recently deleted forms. A restored form will return to exactly how it was before it was deleted.

If a form is not restored within 7 days, the delete will become final.

White Label Service

by Randy Vroman (8/2/2012)

White Label Service

In addition to our Custom Form Domain service, FormSite now offers a full White Label service. The White Label version of is for businesses that want to offer FormSite functionality as their own. You can rebrand our service using your logo, company name, domain, etc. We have been offering this service on an un-advertised basis for years. Our recent changes give us more configuration options and ease of re-branding. Typical customers are those with more than 1000 accounts or more than 1000 forms. Each setup is custom and may or may not involve one or more dedicated servers. Pricing starts at $2500 monthly. Please give us a call for more information at 630-737-1890.

Release (5/6/2012)

New Calculations Feature

by Bill O. (5/6/2012)

Have you ever needed your form to calculate a value based on a user's input? With our new Calculations feature, your form can now do this.

For example, if you have a text field for "length" and a text field for "width", you can set up an equation that multiplies these fields together to calculate a user's square footage value.

Calculation item.

Calculations can handle any combination of mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can also use Calculations to customize Order Form prices and Scoring points.

New Running Total Item

by Bill O. (5/6/2012)

Our new Running Total item allows you to add running totals to your Order Forms. Sometimes you may want users to immediately see their current order total, without having to first complete the remainder of your form. This item is optional; the final itemized order total is still always displayed on the Order Review page, after the last page of your form.

Running Total item.

Send Notifications from the Summary Table

by Eric A. (5/6/2012)

Sending a Notification

In addition to being able to send a custom email of current results from the Summary Table, you can now also send Notifications. This is a great way to share results with new people or to re-send a lost or deleted email.

Coolest Phone Call in 14 Years of FormSite

by Randy Vroman (3/16/2012)


I've got a cool story to tell. No, it wasn't the Google calling to buy us out. It was early this year and I was feeling great about all we've got lined up for 2012 at FormSite. I was in my office answering email and listening to music. Since I have a private office, I often work with my music turned up pretty loud. I was listening to "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO when the phone rang. My kids love the song "Party Rock" and it was one of my "money" songs that helped push me through finishing Chicago Marathon in 2011. I would say it was probably my favorite song at the time my phone was ringing.

I go to pick up the ringing phone and I accidentally drop my phone headset. Scrambling to pick up the headset and get it adjusted, I don't have time to hit the mute button on my music. I answer the phone "Hello this is Randy" while "Party Rock" is blaring in the background. I hit the mute button and the guy on the other end of the phone says, "This is RedFoo from LMFAO." I think to myself, "yeah, yeah, right. This guy must be extremely quick witted." We get to talking and he is talking about how he is using FormSite for his different businesses. The guy I am talking to is 100% business. I'm thinking to myself, this might actually be RedFoo. After about 5 minutes, I stop the conversation and I say, "You really are RedFoo from LMFAO?" He says, "yeah, yeah" and we continue our business conversation.

You would think a conversation with RedFoo would be about bottles and models, but we were talking web security, venture capital and music apps. Anyway, as the conversation closed, I was still not 100% sure it was RedFoo as my friends have pulled off some pretty good jokes on me in the past. I ask RedFoo to send a tweet to his 250k followers. RedFoo agreed to tweet as an experiment to see what kind of traffic spike FormSite would get from his followers. RedFoo tweeted right after we hung up and we saw a nice traffic spike on both FormSite and our Twitter account. Thanks RedFoo!

Release (2/1/2012)

  • New Form Login features allow multiple results per account and compatibility with Order Forms.
  • Renovated Notifications page.
  • Item settings pages overhauled.

New Form Login Features

by Bill O. (2/1/2012)

Form Login Update

For those unfamiliar, our Form Login feature allows form users to create accounts that are associated with their form results. This can be used for save and return functionality or to restrict a form to a list of designated users.

Previously, each user account could only have one associated form result. If the user returned after completing the form, they could only update their original result instead of starting a new one. We have now added an option to allow multiple form results. When a user logs into their account, they can choose from a list of their past results, or choose to start a new result.

Additionally, there is a new option to allow only incomplete results to be updated. Once the user fully completes a result for the first time, it is "done" and no further changes can be made. This allows us to now offer Form Login for use on Order Forms. You can block updating complete results so that once an order has been fully completed, a user can't return and change what they have ordered.

Notifications Page Renovated

by Eric A. (2/1/2012)

Notifications Update

One of our most popular features is Notifications, which can send out emails when a form is submitted. As such, we often add new features or functionality to Notifications. You can't argue with that, right? Well, the downside is that over time, our once clean-and-simple design for its settings page ballooned out a little bit, and we felt it got in the way of using all those great new features.

Everyone knows how to send an email, so why is creating a Notification so difficult? That's one of the major questions we looked at, and lo and behold, that was also our answer. Rather than looking at the Notifications page as a group of settings, we re-imagined the page as your common email client. The main changes you'll see involve the page being remodeled to mimic what you would see when sending out an email. Beyond that, we took this time to make a lot of improvements behind the scenes as well.

Item Settings Overhaul

by Bill O. (2/1/2012)

Item settings pages are a core of form building. It is a challenge to keep our huge list of settings organized when new settings are constantly being developed and introduced. After studying our current pages, we made a number of changes to reorganize, speed editing, and increase usability.

To declutter the tops of the pages, we moved each item's description text to a detailed Form Items documentation page. We found that the fancy text formatting options were rarely used, so we hid the Text Editor and its numerous extra buttons— but you can use the "Enable Text Editor" option to quickly enable it. To make yes/no settings more concise and to free more space, we switched to single checkboxes. Lastly, wherever possible, we removed extra separators, borders, and lines.

Item settings comparisson.

As you can see in the example above, for the Short Answer item page, we were able to fit the same settings into 30% less space.